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The information you need to include on your website.

Content on your Dance Studio Website
What you should include that will keep your customers coming back for more! What makes you stand out in the crowd?

As I mentioned in other areas of this website, I am a studio owner and have been for many years. Parents are looking for a quick and easy way to access the information they need to enroll in your classes. If your studio has been in business for several years, you probably have a lot of repeat customers. It seems to me that prioritizing your information is a must. I have found that my customers are looking for information that makes it easy for them to enroll, and once they have enrolled, they want a website that is updated with announcements and current events.

When I design your website, I will personally advise you and help you decide what information you need to include and where to put it. Many websites I have looked at include extraneous information that just becomes confusing to your customers. Keep in mind who your target audience is....usually it's parents who are looking for activities for their children.

By including up to date information and announcements, you will find that your customers return to your site many times. This is why you need to optimize your content so you can monetize your website, and create an increase in your enrollment.

Another possible source of revenue is the website Cafepress.com. On this website you can actually design t-shirts and gifts that include your studio logo and then put a link on your website. You don't have to stock any inventory, and you get paid a percentage for everything that is ordered from your cafepress.com online storefront.
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Not technically inclined? I can custom design a studio t-shirt for you and build you a store on cafepress.com
Just give me a call: 1-888-54DANCE. Ask for Kathleen!



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