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How to Get Started with your Website Planning!

First, take a look at the paperwork you make available for your potential customers. Then, we can talk about what you need to include on your website. Once again, here is my email contact information: info@dancestudiowebsite.com

Our LIMITED TIME SPECIAL OFFER of a 3 page website is still available, and I will be happy to advise you and help you create a website that is both effective and informative. Please keep in mind though, that the 3 page website has some page limitations for content. You don't want your customers scrolling down forever and ever. The content on each page is limited to 1000 words, which is still a considerable amount of information.

When you decide if you want the Basic Website, Premium Website or Ultimate Website, we will need a 50% deposit in order to get started with building your site for you.

Basic Website Fees:

  • 359.00 Design Fee 3 page website
  • 39.00 Domain Name Registration Fee
  • 29.00 per month hosting fee (this is how your website goes live on the web)
  • Deposits required:
    180.00 Design Deposit, 39.00 Domain Registration Fee, 29.00 hosting fee with E-Z-pay monthly agreement.

    Total up front fees just 248.00!
    Balance due upon completion: 179.00. plus a recurring monthly hosting fee of 29.00.
    Updates are just 26.00 per page.

    Premium Website Fees:

  • 659.00 Professional Design Fee 6-8 page website
  • 39.00 Domain Name Registration Fee
  • 29.00 per month hosting fee (this is how your website goes live on the web)
  • Deposits required: 330.00 Design Deposit, 39.00 Domain Name Registration Fee, 29.00 hosting fee with E-Z pay monthly agreement.
    Total up front fees: 398.00. Balance due upon completion: 329.00 plus a recurring monthly hosting fee of 29.00.
    3 Free Updates are included (total updates..not per page updates) Additional updates: 26.00 per page.
  • Ultimate Website!
    More information is available on our Packages Page

    Some other considerations: Let us select photos from our royalty free collection at no additional charge, or if you want us to include any photos from your studio collection, you will need to email them to us in a jpeg format. There is an addition charge of 15.00 per photo. If you need us to scan any photos, we will discuss the cost with you. Keep in mind though, that you want to protect your students' and customers' privacy. You can see from viewing this website, that one graphic image can really be quite effective and gives the website a cohesive, calm and professional appearance.

    We will not include any photos without a signed waiver from the persons whose images are represented in the photograph.

    Nor will we include any personal names or personal information about any of your students or their families without their signed consent. Your customers will appreciate these most important considerations in today's day and age.

    Don't Wait!....contact us today and we'll have you live on the web in no time!

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